Law Enforcement & Security Private Training Academy

The Law Enforcement and Security Private Training Academy offers several state-mandated courses for rising professionals in the law enforcement, security, and private investigation industries. Earl S. Seegars is a former law enforcement officer as well as the President and chief instructor of the Law Enforcement and Security Private Training Academy. Instructor/Firearms License #: CFTR000985

For those individuals who live out of state, live too far from the Academy, or concerned about training in a standard classroom setting the Academy has a home study program. Study materials will be shipped to those who wish to participate in long distance learning so please contact us for more information. The academy is also one of the few approved providers for the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) for unemployed individuals. For more information on how to apply visit the WIOA link on the RESOURCES page.

Georgia security guards are under the jurisdiction of the GEORGIA BOARD OF PRIVATE DETECTIVES AND SECURITY AGENCIES. Unarmed guards/officers with the 24-hour basic security license are not required to register with the state. However, they cannot work independently. Officers must be hired by a business/professional that is registered with the state. Then the officer’s name and license number is listed on the business’ state license to complete the process.

Security agencies like P.A.S.S. PROTECTION SERVICES must also meet requirements set by the state. Agencies have multiple clients with different positions to potentially accommodate the officer’s location and schedule needs.

An officer that would like to start an agency and hire their own officers for clients would need to go through the agency registration process as outlined in the GEORGIA STATE-MANDATED AGENCY REGISTRY link on the COURSES page.

This course is all that is needed to become an Unarmed Security Officer working legally in Georgia. 

Georgia State-Mandated 24-Hour Basic Security

A Security Officer that wants to work as an Armed Security Officer must complete the firearms course. 

Georgia State-Mandated 16-Hour Firearms

Our program gives you the skills and license to become a Private Investigator, develop a specialty area of expertise and set yourself apart.

Georgia State-Mandated 70-Hour Private Investigator

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