About The Academy

Welcome Students and Businesses With Officers to Certify! 

I am owner of the Law Enforcement & Security Private Training Academy, a State Board certified Instructor and former law enforcement. I am so passionate about teaching proper procedures and helping adults find a career in security that I started this academy.

I want to ensure every student learns the proper techniques, necessary state requirements and impart all my years of experience in law enforcement and security. If you are interested in learning from me you can contact our office at 678.585.4644 or text/call me on my personal cell at 770.572.6474. I want to hear from you and welcome you to our academy. Thank you!

‘Chief’ Earl Seegars

Founder / Owner

Instructor/Firearms Trainer: CFTR000985 

Security & Firearms License: SGE067727 

P.A.S.S. Agency License: PSC002509