Armed Citizens Network


Legal Defense Network, Inc.

Do You Worry About the Aftermath of a Self-Defense Shooting? Members of the Armed Citizens' Legal Defense Network don't face the legal system alone.
The Network’s mission is to prevent miscarriages of justice through:
  • Educating members about the legalities of using deadly force for self defense and how to interact with the criminal justice system after a shooting.

  • Providing an initial $10,000 fee deposit to the member’s attorney if the member has Been involved in a self-defense shooting–paid to get the legal defense immediately Underway, with representation during questioning, and arranging for an Independent investigation of the incident.

  • Case review by a Network self-defense expert at no charge and consolation about Defense strategies when requested by the member’s attorney.

  • Grants an additional financial assistance from our legal defense fund for members Facing unmeritorious prosecution or civil action after a self-defense shooting.

  • Publishing a monthly journal online with columns and features focused on topics of Interest to armed citizens.

  • Discounts for members on books and DVDs from the Network online store to Encourage further education.

  • Creating a nationwide network of attorneys and legal experts upon which the Member can draw int he events of a self-defense shooting.

For more information, ask for our free 24-page booklet! | 360.978.5200 | P.O.Box 400, Onalaska, WA 98570