Application Process

In order to attend the Law Enforcement & Security Private Training Academy you must first complete the Application process

1. Fill out the Application

2. Wait to hear from us or follow up

Wait for contact from us regarding approval of your application and authorization to upload your documents. To check on the status of your application, please call us at 678-585-4644.

3. Upload your documents

After your application has been approved, upload the following documents to the Document Upload Form:

  • Criminal Background Check: Obtain from local police department, approximately $15-$25. State Issued ID / Driver's License required 

  • 2 Passport Size Photos: 2" x 2" from Wal-Mart, Walgreens, CVS, FedEx Kinko's, USPS (1 uploaded and 2 mailed)

  • Personal Records: Copies of any degrees, certificates, licenses, diplomas, police academy, military DD-214 or prior security training

4. Wait to hear from us or follow up
We will then advise you on which classes to purchase from the store.  Store purchases can be made with a credit card. Alternate forms of payment include Zelle, money order or cash. Let us know if you prefer an alternate payment method. Personal checks not accepted.

5. Schedule your training
During your course purchase call, you will receive a list of available training days. 

6. Get ready for your first day at the Academy with these rules 

Uniform Requirements: Black loose fitting pants like BDU's, jeans or cargos. Plain grey polo type shirt, sweatshirt or t-shirts.


What Happens After I Graduate?

Motivation, reliability and dependability will guarantee you job placement after graduation!

The first step to working is registering your fingerprints in order to receive your license number. We will help you through this process to be registered to work under a security or private investigation agency like Pass Protection Services. This step outlined by the Georgia State Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies requires that the student or their company register them for Fingerprinting as outlined by GOALS processing system. GOALS is an enhanced licensing management system launched by the Georgia Secretary of State Professional Licensing Board to expedite and streamline the issuance of professional licenses across Georgia. Once your fingerprints are registered and you receive your license you are ready to work!