Permits to carry firearms; proficiency requirement; exemption from specified laws; denial, refusal to renew, and suspension of permits; effect of license suspension and restoration

(a) The board may grant a permit to carry a pistol, revolver, or other firearm to any person who is a license holder as defined in Code Section 16-11-125.1, who is licensed or registered in accordance with this chapter, and who meets the qualifications and training requirements set forth in this Code section and such other qualifications and training requirements as the board by rule may establish. The board shall have the authority to establish limits on type and caliber of such weapons by rule. Application for such permit and for renewal thereof shall be made on forms provided by the division director. No weapons permit issued under this Code section shall be transferable to another individual.

(b) No permit under this Code section shall be issued or renewed until the applicant has presented proof to the board that he is proficient in the use of firearms. The board shall have the authority to require periodic recertification of proficiency in the use of firearms and to refuse to renew a permit upon failure to comply with such requirement. The applicant shall present proof to the board that: